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Hi I'm Cassidy!

I am a photographer, a wedding venue owner, and the kind of girl who always has her bags packed, just in case I find a cheap flight to a new place.  I love a good taco or sushi roll, and I’m on a mission to find the world’s best gooey chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I’ve lived in Brazil and China for about a year each, and love everything about exploring new cultures.  

I married my high school sweetheart, Brennan, and still consider him my best friend.  We met each other sometime during our sophomore year at Highland High School, but didn’t start dating until our senior year.  After high school we both moved to opposite ends of the world for a few years and kept our relationship alive with good old fashioned love letters.  (I still have a few shoe boxes full of those letters, and they’re the first thing I’d run in to grab if our house was on fire!)

After five years of marriage, we welcomed our son Riot into the family.  He is sweet and patient and has us laughing all the time.  Ottie joined us 21 months later, just days after finishing construction on The Hive.  Riot + Ottie have been the sweetest best friends.  We're expecting baby number three in the Spring. 

We love traveling, seeing new places, and finding great food wherever we go.  We also enjoy hiking, being outside, a good movie night, and board games with friends and family.

As a photographer, all of my local couples complained that they were having a hard time finding venues that they liked.  Because I had an idea of what kind of building would make for beautiful wedding day photos, I figured we might as well be the ones to build the venue that Southeast Idaho has been missing.

A few fun facts about our little family:

favorite takeout

Cassidy: Sushi  / Brennan: A big plate of tacos  / Riot: Pizza  / Ottie: Corn Dogs

next bucket list destination

Cassidy: Tokyo / Brennan: Iceland  / Riot: The park  /  Ottie: Anywhere Riot is

Favorite way to spend time together

Cassidy: A homemade treat + board games with friends or family  /  Brennan: Hiking or family time at the gym  / Riot: Scooter rides around the neighborhood  / Ottie: Family dance parties in the living room

breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Cassidy: Breakfast for Dinner  / Brennan: Dinner / Riot: Snacks  / Ottie: All of the above 

Greatest movie or series of all time

Cassidy: Star Wars  / Brennan: Coco  / Riot: Spiderman  / Ottie: Toy Story

Something you can’t live without:

Cassidy: Cameras + journals to document memories  / Brennan: Good sweatpants  / Riot: Bubbles  / Ottie: Any kind of ball


One thing that our family is very passionate about, is celebrating good times with people we love -- preferably with some good food involved.  (Are you catching a common theme here?  We love to eat!)  Whether the occasion is big or small, we love being around family + friends and celebrating life together.  There is nothing better in life than building memories and laughing together with your people. 

. . . . .


We feel so honored that The Hive will be home to so many of those kinds of memories and moments. We couldn’t be more excited to bring this venue to our community, and we hope you fall in love with this special place the same way we have!