Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

If planning your dream wedding has you feeling frazzled, then it’s time to take a much-deserved night off. Today, we’re discussing some of our favorite date ideas for engaged couples!

Grab your fiancé and cut back on wedding-planning stress with five of our favorite date nights.

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Our Top 5 Date Ideas for Engaged Couples

Dinner + A Movie: It’s an oldie but a goodie for a reason! Comfort food and a funny movie (or something scarier, if you’re feeling brave!) are best when shared with the one you love. If you’re local to Southeast Idaho try: ThanksABrunch food truck or  (both certified delicious!) If you have room after popcorn, swing by Soda Barn to end the night with something sweet! 

Get Physical: The feel-good endorphins that come from moving your body are perfect for squashing pre-wedding stress. Take advantage of a sunny afternoon by going for a jog or a hike together. Winter wedding? No worries! Hit the slopes at Pebble Creek or keep things indoors at Geronimo’s! trampoline park.  We also personally enjoy axe throwing at Heber Hatchets

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Star Gazing: You don’t need a telescope to try this classic – just a clear night sky and a bit of romance! In addition to being a great way to connect with your partner, gazing up at a starry sky can produce feelings of peace, calm, and safety. Looking for a day date? Swap the stars for a walk along a pretty trail to reap the same relaxing benefits.  Give the City Creek Trailheads a try in the Fall to see some beautiful foliage, or check out Gibson Jack during the summer months to catch the wildflowers.

Laugh It Out: They don’t call it the best medicine for nothing! Call up some friends and break out the funny board games. Better yet, laugh away your nerves and jitters by bingeing your favorite comedy series together. (Raise your hand if you love “The Office”!) 

Look to the Future: Remembering why you are getting married in the first place is perhaps the best fix for any overwhelm you may be feeling! Spend an evening focused on your future together: purchase a sentimental keepsake for your home, write each other letters to be opened a year from now, or simply take the time to express your love and commitment to one another.  Don’t let the stress of planning your wedding make you lose sight of what you’re working to build together in the first place! 

5 date ideas for engaged couples
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