Available for hourly rentals, Honey Studio is a bright + open loft studio that is perfect for small events or photo shoots.  The studio has its own exterior entrance as well as its own restroom, and is rented separately from The Hive.  It’s a toss up, but our favorite part of this space is either the pitched roofline or our two unique accent walls!  

Honey Studio Pricing

Photoshoots: $50/hour with a two hour minimum.
Events: $75/hour with a two hour minimum.

What’s Included

We’ve included several items for your use when you rent this space:

  • Blue velvet loveseat
  • Moses basket and bassinet
  • Several stools, benches, and chairs
  • Plants
  • An air mattress with sheets, a white duvet, and pillows

Studio Rules

  • Be sure to schedule a sufficient amount of time to use the studio (including setup + cleanup time) so that you do not interrupt other bookings. There will often be people coming in right on your tail, so don’t go over your scheduled time! You will be charged for any additional time spent in the studio that you did not reserve at the time of booking.
  • Clean up after yourself! This means: sweeping or mopping the floor, taking garbage out, notifying manager of any bed linens that were dirtied immediately so that they can be washed, wiping away any scuff marks on walls or fingerprints on windows, etc. There are cleaning supplies in the closet. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS and leave the studio as you would like to see it when you arrive for your booking. 
  • NO fires or candles - with the exception of birthday candles on a cake. Absolutely no nails, pins, tape, command strips, etc. in or on the walls. Adhering any object to the walls of the studio must first be permitted by the studio manager, and requests must be made prior to your booking.  If you damage the walls in any way, you are responsible for repairs. 
  • Let the studio manager know of any repairs, maintenance needed, or damage in the studio. If you arrive at the studio and find something that needs attention, please let management know immediately so the person before you is held responsible. (If you do not report something, you could be the one held responsible by the person following you!)
  • You may use any of the furniture or equipment that is unmarked. Additional equipment can be found in the closet. Some items will be marked as unavailable for use; please respect this and do not use these items!
  • You are welcome to move furniture to any space you like in the studio, but DO NOT DRAG the furniture across the floor. Please have someone help you move heavy items, and put the furniture back where it was when you came in.
  • Always make sure the door is locked when you leave.
  • A $25 fine will be charged if any of the above rules are broken. (If any damage to the studio or studio property exceeds $25, this amount will be charged to the same payment method you used to book).