4 Tips That Will Save You When Building Your Guest List

Preparing your wedding guest list and sending invitations can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips for keeping the process organized, fun, and unique:

wedding invitation suite
Photo by Cassidy Bell Photo
  • Who do you want at your wedding? Answering this question might take more effort than you’d think! Give yourself plenty of time to compile your list and tackle some of the tougher questions as honestly as possible. (What is your budget? How many guests can you comfortably fit in your selected space? Will you invite co-workers? How about plus-ones?  Is there anyone you feel obligated to invite that you don’t really want there? – spoiler alert: it’s your day and you only need the people who lift you up there!) When you are satisfied with your list, get to collecting those addresses! 


  • Save your addresses (and save yourself a ton of work!) in a spreadsheet. This makes addressing envelopes a breeze: print directly onto a label, or export and share with anyone helping you! If you want, you can add a column with categories of how you know each person (groom’s/bride’s side, close friend, colleague, family, parents’ friend, etc.) to organize your list even further.  Bonus Tip: The next time you need to mail a thank you, Christmas card, baby shower invite, or anything else, you can easily filter through your spreadsheet to find the addresses you need. Thank us later! Bonus Bonus Tip: Pay it forward and share your list with each of your parents – it will make planning any siblings’ future weddings (or other large events) that much easier! 


  • There are differing opinions as to the “official” etiquette of mailing invitations, but anywhere between 4-8 weeks before the wedding should do. (If you have guests travelling long distance, keep this timeframe closer to 12 weeks to ensure everyone has adequate time to make travel arrangements.) If you plan to send save the dates, mail these out 3-4 months before the big day! 


  • You’ve likely put a lot of time (and love!) into designing the perfect invitation suite. Keep an extra copy with you on your wedding day and ask your photographer to capture all of those pretty little details! Tuck this copy into your wedding album for a unique keepsake.


  •  Bonus: Don’t forget to say, “Thank You!” Printing and addressing your thank you cards ahead of time (or at least after you’ve received your RSVPs) will keep this task from getting lost in the shuffle of real life post-wedding. When you get home from your honeymoon, take a quick look through the stack of thanks you’s, throw them in the mail with your easy address labels, and cross it off the list!