Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception | Floor Planning

Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception | The Floor Plans

I know you’ve already got a lot on your mind when it comes to planning your wedding reception. Here at the Hive we know that something as simple as the table arrangements can really help or hinder the flow of your reception! If you’re planning a reception at our wedding venue, we’ve got a helpful PDF at the bottom of this post for you! It is the floor plan for our Gathering Room. We wanted to share this with our couples and clients so they can start to think about how many guests, tables, chairs, signs, floral arrangements and more will fit in this space!

Keep reading for a few things to consider for your wedding reception space and arrangement!

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Things to Consider When Designing Your Reception Floor Plan

Tables and Chairs

Obviously, you’ve got to consider the amount of guests you’re expecting at your wedding. There needs to be enough space for that many chairs to fit and seat that many people. But beyond tables and chairs used for seating guests, you also have to consider tables used for other purposes! Will you need just one table for a single cake or multiple tables for a large dessert display? Some couples use tables to display their love story and share more about themselves for their guests. You’ll likely want a table for a guest sign-in book, to collect gifts and cards. Perhaps you’ll want a table for photos that honor loved ones who couldn’t be there.

Will you and your partner want your own small sweetheart table? Or will you want to be seated with family and/or your bridal party? Will your dinner be buffet style or a plated dinner that is served to your guests? Will you serve food directly from our kitchen area?  Or will you have a food truck parked in our pull out space adjacent to the lawn?  If you’re serving food buffet style, you’ll need to make sure there is room for not only the food tables, but also room for a line to form next to them!

All of these things will require a different number and sizes and shapes of tables! Once you know the answers to some of these questions, you can start to figure out the layout of the tables you’ll need.   We have several smaller table options that work well for many of these purposes and are available for your use.  Additionally, cocktail tables can be a very efficient use of space and are perfect for guests who love to mingle and move.

How to plan your wedding reception floor arrangements
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Reception Statement Pieces

Besides the tables, are there any other special statement pieces you want to display in your reception? This might include things like a large floral arrangement near the sweetheart table, a seating chart, or even an arch to use as a photo booth backdrop. If you know there will be children at your reception, you might want to consider having an area dedicated to the kids: space for games, activities, maybe a bounce house outside, or kid-sized tables and chairs.

You’ll also want to consider the different vendors that will be working during your event.  Do you have a DJ?  What is their equipment requirement?  Will you have a fun bar area or an ice cream cart?  How will you display your wedding cake? (Don’t forget to consider an area for your cake where it won’t be in direct sunlight and melting).

How to plan your wedding reception floor arrangements
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Reception Events

Additionally, you’ll want to think through the types of activities you’ll be doing at your reception. Will there be a lot of speeches? If so, think about whether you’d like the speech-givers to face you or the guests. How do you want to arrange tables so that can happen? If you have a band or DJ, not only do you need to consider a space for them, but also where you’ll want the dancing to take place! If you’re having a father/daughter or mother/son dance, make sure there’s an easy path from the parents’ tables to the dance floor. A few other fun things that require a bit of thinking through might include the bouquet toss, cutting the cake, and a photobooth setup.

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Our most helpful tip for planning the layout of your wedding reception

The most helpful tip we can offer you while you plan, is to consider your guest.  If you step into their shoes and mentally walk through your reception it can be so helpful in making a plan.  For example, if they come with a gift or a card in hand they will want a place to set that down near the entrance.  They won’t necessarily want to walk right into the food before they have a chance to greet you or grab their seat.  We hope this is helpful advice for you!

Printable PDF to Help You Plan Your Reception in the Gathering Room of the Hive Venue

This helpful tool will help you with planning and arranging the tables in our Gathering Room.  As always, reach out if you’d like advice on how to best layout your event!  We are happy to advise on the best set up for your unique event.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Gathering Room

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