Summer Weddings Tips and Tricks

Summer: There are so many upsides to saying “I do” during this sunny season! The florals are gorgeous, the evenings are long and warm (perfect for dancing the night away, of course!) and everyone seems to slip into a mindset as bright and breezy as the weather. Really, is there any better time for a wedding?

That being said, summer celebrations can quickly turn disastrous without the correct prep and planning. Read on for our best tips and tricks to keep your wedding sizzling – but only in the best way! 

  1. Stay Hydrated: This one sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook in all the Big Day hustle and bustle. Keep a bottle of water handy at all times, and your not-dehydrated future-self will definitely thank you. It might be helpful to ask your Maid of Honor to add this to her list of responsibilities in case you get swept up in the day.  Don’t forget your wedding party or your guests, either! Making water readily available during a summer wedding is a must. Keep it fun by placing bottles with cute, personalized labels in ice tins or tubs that match your décor. 
  2. Be Sun Safe: The absolute last thing you want to be is a sunburnt bride!  Make sure your makeup artist uses a base with SPF and ask a bridesmaid to help slather on the sunscreen to any hard to reach areas. (Hello, beautiful backless gown!) We’re obsessed with SuperGoop’s Unseen Sunscreen formula.  Zero grease, and truly weightless.  Your guests will also appreciate some sun protection: set out sunscreen in cute lotion containers, provide inexpensive sunglasses, and print your ceremony program on paper fans. Consider renting a tent or handing out parasols to block as many harmful rays as possible! 
  3. Choose Fabrics Wisely: When selecting/designing a gown, avoid any heavy materials that will trap heat. Instead, keep things light and breathable with fabrics like lace, silk, chiffon, and organza. Apply this same rule when choosing bridesmaids dresses, and also consider the color – dark fabrics this time of year just might result in a sweaty, frazzled mess! Bonus tip: Keep a pack of deodorant wipes in the bridal suite to freshen up whenever needed.  Your shoe choice may also contribute to helping you keep cool, so keep breathability in mind throughout the selection of your entire outfit.
  4. Prevent Hair Drama & Melting Makeup: If you have longer hair, try an updo! Not
    only is this look timeless, it will keep you cool during a long day under the sun. Choose a hairspray that can withstand heat and humidity, and don’t forget to put a little sunscreen in your part. (Scalp sunburns = ouch!) To keep your makeup in place, use an oil free moisturizer, mattifying primer and foundation, setting powder, waterproof mascara (effective for hot temps
    and happy tears!) and top it all off with a long-lasting setting spray.  Better yet, hire a professional hair and makeup team.  They’ll know all of the best products for durability and will be using them in their kits already.  You’ll be in good hands, promise!
  5. Avoid a Cake Catastrophe: Summer wedding cakes require a little more love and attention than you might expect! Consider choosing fondant over buttercream – it’s beautiful, and it’s also less likely to melt in the heat. Avoid ingredients that may spoil in the sun (think: cream, fresh fruit). If you’re planning on a cake that’s as tall and dreamy as your fiancé, ask your baker about including a fake tier to provide additional stability and prevent any heat-related collapses. Last (and most important!) keep that bad boy indoors until it’s time to cut it. If this isn’t possible, then keep it in the shade – or at least out of direct sunlight!  If the cake of your dreams is a tall buttercream beauty that’s decked out with fresh florals and/or fruit; don’t worry!  If nothing else, remember to display it out of direct sunlight and try to store it in the fridge – or better yet, freezer – until it’s time for your guests to begin arriving. 
  6. Don’t Forget the Flowers: Hot weather can make cut flowers wilt fast! Select summer specific blooms that can take the heat. Try: orchids, lilies, daisies, hydrangeas, peonies, poppies, and dahlias. Make sure to give your bouquet a good drink of water in a pretty vase throughout the day (you’ll need a place to set it down, anyway!) to keep it looking fresh as long as possible.  This is another wedding accessory that can be store in the fridge until the time is right.  If the forecast is especially warm, you can also consider keeping a mister on hand with cold water.  It’ll help keep your florals perky and (bonus!) you might appreciate a good mist or two as well.
  7. Banish Bugs: After a night of fun and dancing, the last thing anyone wants to wake up to is a bunch of itchy mosquito bites. Provide an abundance of bug spray at your evening reception and place citronella candles on the tables for a glowing, insect-free ambiance that everyone in attendance will greatly appreciate.  There are a lot of really great alternatives to bug spray as well if you’d like to avoid a campy fragrance!  Candles, patches, essential oils, or a thermacell device may be some good alternatives to research.

Let us know if you have any helpful tips that we should add to this post, or if you found any of our recommendations helpful.
Enjoy your sunny I do!