Alexis Taylor Photos

Every stage of life begs for thrilling documentation.

However your journey together began, the way you tell your story through photographs can serve your relationship as it continues to evolve + flourish. I serve couples by creating an atmosphere in which you can feel 100% present with each other. I find my passion in documenting the love and wonder that accompanies every lovely beginning. Throughout my seven years of photographing portraits, I’ve come to learn that my camera is just a tool to document the feelings that never change – locking them in a time capsule for generations.

I know what it’s like to meet that person who seems to complete the rest of your imperfect self. I understand what it’s like not wanting to forget these precious feelings you hold for each other. Let me lead you both on a romantic adventure in which you will grow fonder of your partner, feel more resounded in your commitments, and forever look back remembering the lovely beginning to a lifetime of happiness.


“When I was planning my wedding, I was told to choose 3 things that were the most important for me to make priority in making sure they were exactly how I wanted them to be. My top three were my dress, the food, and the wedding pictures! Alexis was a dream to work with, she was so flexible and worked with me to ensure that my pictures turned out exactly how I had envisioned them. Our pictures turned out so beautifully and will be something I cherish forever!”

-Aly + Braden Weems

“Alexis took my engagements, senior and wedding photos and we just get more and more impressed every time she photographs us. She makes us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and makes us laugh (so we’ve never had those awkward half smile pictures, huge plus)! She always has so many fun ideas for shots and poses so we were never asking what to do next. When we get our pictures back, we cannot not stop smiling! I put one of our photos as my home-screen background … now every time I pick up my phone I grin so big and I just look stupid happy. Highly recommend!”

-Alexis + Nate Simmons

“Working with Alexis is a more than magical experience. Her light-hearted, loving, and artistic aura is contagious. Alexis knows how to make any and everyone around her feel comfortable when in front of the lens; it seems as though all your insecurities and flaws disappear. She sees people unlike anyone else. She sees you; and not your outer self. She sees your beauty and extracts all the little pieces that follow. She knows how to find someone’s beauty and manages to make it shine in every image. Alexis has given me the best experiences I could have ever asked for as a client.”

-Kaia Rhodes



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