Historia Florals

Hey!  I’m Shania.  I’m a self-taught freelance floral designer.  I was born and raised in Eastern Idaho, so of course, I developed a love of the outdoors and nature.  While working at a hotel in Jackson, Wyoming as a front desk clerk, I was led to pick up a floral design book from the library.  I was hooked!

When I’m not playing with flowers, you can find me outdoors with my hubby and two dogs.  You’ll always find fruit snacks and gum in my tool bag.  I also hablo espanol.  😉  That’s why I chose to name my little floral business Historia Florals

Historia means Story in Spanish.  Every piece of a floral design works together to tell a different story.  You will not find a cookie-cutter arrangement here.  Flowers don’t talk, but if a picture tells a thousand words, flowers show millions!  Everything from the tones of the petals to the textures of the greenery can portray emotions that can elevate the atmosphere of an event.  Just think about the last time you passed by a meadow of summer wildflowers or caught the scent of a lilac bush just misted by a springtime drizzle…these moments of nature brought into an event through design!

I’m a quiet person by nature, but I design and create to let the flowers tell your story.
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