Mon âme Music

Welcome!  My name is Larissa Wickham, with Mon âme Music.  Mon âme means “My Soul” in French, and to me, there is nothing more affected by music than a human soul. 

I have been playing my violin since I was 8 years old. I have been in a number of Orchestras, symphonies, quartets, duo’s and solo performances over the years. My favorite of all, and currently still being a part of an Interfaith Orchesta/Choir, that every spring, performs in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. 

Running a small business is difficult, and time consuming but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I left my 9-5 job for now so that I can fulfill my number one dream/passion…music.  Now I tote around a speaker and my electric violin and share music with whomever will have me.  I love to cover current popular songs like “Anyone”, by Justin Beiber, and popular soundtracks songs from your favorite movies, like The Greatest Showman.

I do this to share the impact music has, as so perfectly expressed in my favorite quote;  “Sometimes it only takes one song to bring back a thousand memories.” -Unknown

So let me help you. Then in years to come, when you hear that song, your special day and all the cherished memories will come flooding back.



-Larissa is an incredibly professional and energetic musician. She puts so much soul and emotion into her instrument and you can feel the love she has for music when she plays. We were so lucky to have Larissa play her violin for our wedding and she was somehow able to set a tone of both romance and fun. She is incredibly talented and able to play a variety of music to fit whatever type of event you are looking for. Larissa is very personable and can connect with her audience in a way that I have seen very few musicians be able to do. No matter what your event is, Larissa will be able to adapt her performance to fit it perfectly.  

-Larissa is an incredible musician with flawless technique. she played her violin out at the cemetery for my grandmother’s graveside & it was the perfect touch of class & nostalgia as she played pieces from my grandmother’s time. She added a peaceful ambiance during an emotional time. It was a moment our family will never forget. I would highly recommend Larissa’s musical talents to anyone looking to add a special touch on a special day.


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