Tulips & Tulle Caitlin Lewis Custom Designed Bridal

A dress: that’s where it starts for every little girl. The dream dress – the one that makes you feel like a princess, the one that makes him cry when he sees you. That’s where it starts; we take it from there. At Tulips & Tulle, your dream dress is our specialty. Bespoke wedding gowns are made to fit your body with a three-month estimated time frame from conception to creation.

As a full-service bridal salon, Tulips & Tulle is capable of handling all of your bridal needs. Bespoke gowns and couture are Caitlin’s passion. (She also offers in-house alterations!) Each bride deserves the one-on-one attention that Caitlin provides. Let her attend to your particular needs for your big day!

Designer on location for your wedding day is included with your dress! This means that on the day of your wedding, Caitlin will arrive at the venue with your gown. Once there, she will help you slip into it and give you the personalized attention every bride deserves. This gives you the unique ability to relax and treasure your day!


Your Timeless Gown Timeline

Week 1: First consultation. Caitlin and the bride talk design, fabric, and address any concerns the bride may have. Bride’s measurements are taken.

Within 1-2 days: Estimate is drawn up. If accepted, the first half of payment is required.

Weeks 2-4: Mock dress (muslin) is constructed; fabric for actual dress is ordered.

Weeks 5-6: Second consultation. Bride tries on muslin, and it is altered if necessary.

Weeks 7-12: Actual dress is constructed with 1-2 fittings to ensure perfect fit.

Final fitting: Approximately 2 weeks prior to wedding day. Final half of payment required.

Stop searching and get exactly what you want. Let’s design your dream dress!


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